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Date founded 14 February 2000
Number of staff 1 employee (Office Manager), 12 Presidium Members as honorary representatives of the association.  More information is here: http://www.sdt.cz/page.php?id=2&lang=en
Name of President/CEO

Prof. Miroslav Svítek

Name of Chairman

Roman Srp, Executive Director

Number of members 81 member companies

Listing of members



Description & Mission

ITS&S - association of companies, institutions and universities from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, that deal with using information, communication technologies and services (ITS) in transportation sector and other utilities. Our mission is:


- Representation of Czech & Slovak ITS
- Strategic marketing & product development
- International co-operation
- Assistance to Eastern European ITS initiatives
- Education & training of ITS professionals, users
- Co-ordination of members' projects
- ITS projects support via working groups


Main Achievements

ITS&S Czech Republic provides mainly a communication infrastructure to its members, so most of the association projects are in fact joint projects of a subset of the association member’s companies. Some examples of joint projects are provided below:


Protecting interests of ITS sector via Position papers:

  • Czech ITS Vision 2020
  • Slovak ITS Vision 2020
  • Public tendering and ITS
  • Strategy of sustainable financing in road transport and role of e/tolling and PPP
  • Interoperability of electronic ticketing in public transportation
  • Need of strategic ITS plan for the CZ
  • Traffic data: precondition of an efficient transport sys

Education projects

all at www.telematika.cz

  • Electromobility Prague 2011 congress, co-organization, May 2011
  • ASE Prague / Association of space explorers congress co-organization September 2009

Czech Industry promotion

all at www.telematika.cz

  • Czech/Polish/Slovak ITS forum in Katowice, Poland, together with PSTT, September 2010

Consulting projects 

  • Czech strategy of electronic ticketing in public transport
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the tolling system
  • SSADM e-Vignette feasibility study

R&D projects

  • EFC (implementation conditions in the Czech Republic)
  • RDS-TMC (research and field tests)
  • ITS National Architecture (project name TEAM)
  • GALILEO (5-year application project)

Pilot applications

  • Field tests of RDS-TMC in Prague region (2004)
  • Safe Road Tunnels (three tunnels in Prague)


  • Chair of national group CEN/TC278 and ISO/TC204
  • Chair of standardisation committee TNK136 “Road Telematics”


  •  Intelligent Transport Systems by Pibyl, Svítek
  • TIC technical conditions    
Current and Future actions

see all at www.telematika.cz
Electromobility Prague 2011, http://www.electromobility.cz/mobi/index_en.php