Federdistribuzione, Freight Leaders Council and TTS Italia: an agreement for digital and sustainable logistics

The agreement between Federdistribuzione, Freight Leaders Council, and TTS Italia kicks off with the aim of supporting the logistics sector in the change of pace towards a more digital, simplified, integrated model with a view to a circular economy, in line with the principles of energy transition established by the European Union and by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Going into the details of the signed memorandum of understanding, skills, planning and best practices will be brought together to develop solutions capable of accompanying the logistics sector towards an increasingly digitalized and sustainable future, capable of reducing costs and emissions and thus creating a value chain at all levels of the supply chain. Several paths have been identified to facilitate the transition: from the promotion of pilot projects for the widespread use of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) within the distribution sector, through the creation of training opportunities and dissemination of knowledge and good logistics practices integrated, up to the realization of operational solutions for the simplification of control and monitoring procedures in the supply chain processes.

«The weight of the logistics sector is extremely significant both for the world of distribution and, more generally, for the Italian system. It follows that any action that aims at improving processes, especially in terms of digitization, must be encouraged and supported as it is capable of giving concrete benefits, both economic and environmental. It is therefore essential for our companies to aim for increasingly sustainable and integrated logistics in the processes of value creation, which respond to the need for efficiency and, at the same time, to the goal of ecological transition that the country is aiming for”, says Alberto Frausin, President of Federdistribuzione.

“The logistics industry is an enabling factor for the economic development of our country and is a necessary condition for the very existence of production and marketing companies. It is the link between those who produce and those who sell or consume. It constitutes a service with a high added value, essential for advanced economies. Creating a real digital ecosystem, an environment in which the entire supply chain is enhanced in an end2end approach, allows, on the one hand, to make clear the relationships between the various players in the sector and on the other to provide those who ship the goods and to those who receive them a fundamental service of tracking and localization – to tend – of the single package. An unavoidable step towards Logistic as a Service and the Physical Internet from which all the key players in this sector will benefit ”, comments Massimo Marciani, President of the Freight Leaders Council.

«Currently, logistics is a sector characterized by almost 100,000 companies that employ 1.5 million workers and generate 85 billion euros in turnover, equal to 9% of the national GDP. In such a context, also in light of recent European regulations on eFreight, it is essential to take advantage of the PNRR opportunity to maximize innovation, digitization, and simplification of the sector. ITS and all the technology available are the keys to a new and truly effective logistics, fully compatible with the European dictates of low environmental impact », says Rossella Panero, President of TTS Italia.