Funding for the digitalization of transport. The TTS Italia webinar

In the presence of 150 participants, including private companies, public and research bodies, the webinar “Funding for the digitalization of transport”, organized by TTS Italia, and moderated by the Secretary-General of the Association, Olga Landolfi, was held on 21 October.

The event was an opportunity to present the guidelines developed within the TTS Italia Working Group of the same name, coordinated by Fabio Nussio of the Roma Servizi per la Mobilità Funding Department.
The guidelines are intended to be a practical and concrete support tool for public bodies, institutions, and private individuals in order to make the most of national and European funds in favor of mobility and transport.
After the opening of the works by the President of TTS Italia, Rossella Panero, and the presentation of the results of the aforementioned Working Group by Fabio Nussio, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, during the webinar we talked about opportunities financing, current, and future.

Carlo Zijno, Ministry for Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, and Arianna Norcini Pala, RAM, spoke to illustrate the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 2021-2027 program; Gugliemo de Gennaro, Agency for Digital Italy, to present the Smarter Italy/Smart Mobility program; and finally, Giorgio Martini, Agency for Territorial Cohesion, to talk about both the REACT-EU program and the PON Metro 2021-2027.

During the conclusions, Olga Landolfi explained how the work done, and the webinar itself, want to be just a starting point to explore the opportunities available to the public and private sector, and how the short-medium term challenge of TTS Italia is given the necessary support through concrete actions in particular to the Public Administrations of the Platform of Local Authorities of the Association so that the opportunities presented can be really seized and exploited for the benefit of territories, citizens and the industrial sector.