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International Symposium on Electronics in Transport – ISEP 2023 – hosted by ITS Slovenia

We cordially invite you to be active at the 31st International Symposium on Electronics in Transport – ISEP 2023. It is organised by the Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia and Slovenian ITS Association. The Symposiums’ 2023 theme is


ISEP 2023 will take place on the 27th March 2023 as Virtual event – Webinar. 

Please find more information about the event for authors and other participants at  .

Dates to remember:

27 February 2023, Extended Registration of abstracts

1 March 2023, Extended Notification of acceptance

21 March 2023, Submission of the final paper

24 March 2023, Final registration

The peer-reviewed papers will be presented in the proceedings of the symposium with an ISBN.

There is no need to travel, there is no need to find the parking places, but we will miss the real networking.

Join us at the International Symposium on Innovation advances towards the Future of Managing Traffic

June 26-30, 2023, Vienna, Austria

Traffic management as key element for future mobility solutions. Several new mobility services have the potential to improve the mobility system performance and to make it more sustainable. However, to exploit this potential these services have to be integrated in the mobility system by proper traffic management. In addition, traffic management allows the optimal use of existing road capacities, without having to build new infrastructure. The aim: make the best use of the available infrastructure, minimise negative effects and so contribute to a quality of location!

This international symposium will provide a platform for operators, managers, traffic engineers, practitioners, and researchers to discuss and share their experiences with “Innovation Advances Toward the Future of Managing Traffic”. Industry leaders and specialists from around the globe are invited and will engage in discussions on the challenges, research needs, innovative methods, and approaches to collaborate with other agencies and service providers to improve how they actively manage and control traffic on the surface transportation system.

The 4th International Symposium on Freeway and Tollway Operations, succeeds previous symposia sponsored by the Transportation Research Board and International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) in 2006 (Athens), 2009 (Honolulu), and 2016 (Berlin).

The Symposium program will include plenary sessions, technical sessions with invited speakers, poster sessions and workshops which will address:

  • the next generation of traffic management systems
  • sharing and using emerging sources of data (e.g., connected and automated vehicles)
  • incorporating data from connected and automated vehicles into operational/safety strategies and control plans to manage traffic on freeways
  • innovative methods to actively managing and controlling traffic
  • managed lanes (e.g., HOV, HOT, Part-time Shoulder Use, Reversible Lanes)
  • use of pricing to improve the use of traffic operational strategies
  • managing traffic management assets
  • sharing information with other systems and stakeholders
  • opportunities to share electronic data among systems and 3rd parties
  • incorporating mobility on demand services into the day-to-day traffic management and emissions mitigation activities
  • coordinating and sharing information with agencies and service providers in response to planned and unplanned events

Key topics

Innovative Financing to Build and Operate Motorways including use of incentives and pricing in traffic operational strategies.

Track A: Governance and Organizational Challenges

Track B: Managing and Analyzing Operational Strategies and Performance

Track C: Next Generation of Traffic Management Systems and Services

Track D: Innovative Financing to Build and Operate Motorways

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