ITS UK member Clearview holds webinar to explain sustainability benefits of solar road studs

The UK-based Highways and Transport Solutions provider Clearview Intelligence, an ITS UK Executive Member, is boosting its international profile by hosting a special webinar explaining the environmental benefits of its Solarlite road stud solution.

The company says high quality road markings are a vital part of road safety, and that for more than two decades, Clearview Intelligence has been delivering solar road studs that illuminate the road at night.

These studs mean drivers can see the road layout 900 metres ahead, which is ten times further than traditional reflective studs.  Independent studies have shown that where solar studs have been installed, the number of night-time accidents have fallen by 70%.

But Clearview points out, these solar studs not only deliver road safety – they’re key in the battle against climate change too.  Because they are solar powered, they are a zero emission alternative to streetlighting, they deliver carbon savings of nearly nine tonnes of CO2 per mile per year compared to the most energy-efficient LED lamps.

The webinar takes place from 1600-1700 CET on Thursday 15 June where Clearview Intelligence’s Head of Technical Sales, Peter Cattell, will guide viewers through the solutions and answer questions.

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(Picture – Clearview Intelligence)