MaaS for the EU Green Week 2021: the PriMaaS project event

PriMaaS Partners ITS Romania and eGovlab Stockholm University joint CIVINET Romania and Timisoara City Hall, for a two-day online conference on MaaS Solutions in prioritizing clean transport, on 2-3 of June 2021. The event will have a dedicated space in the #EUGREENWEEK calendar as a partner event.
The event will bring to the audience results and experiences from two European projects: PriMaaS (Interreg Europe) – Prioritizing low carbon mobility services for improving accessibility of citizens, also involving TTS Italia among partners, and Civitas Eccentric Munchen, as well as the efforts of #Timisoara and #Stockholm in this field.

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Registration is open for #SafeRoadsTODAY event

The #SafeRoadsTODAY event will bring together leading experts and key strategic stakeholders in the field of C-ITS. The aim of the event is to present the current status of the Europe-wide roll-out and discuss the positive effects of cooperative services on road safety. Due to the progress and harmonisation of C-ITS technologies, the focus has meanwhile been raised from a technical to a service level, which means that C-ITS services have arrived in the real world. Thanks to the coordinated interaction of infrastructure and vehicles, they are already available in Europe today and represent a driving force for a new era of road safety.

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Gaist signs up to ITS (UK)’s Executive tier of membership

The international roadscape and highways technology company Gaist has signalled its commitment to the UK’s transport technology industry by joining the Intelligent Transport Systems trade association ITS (UK).

As an Executive Member, Gaist will sit on the ITS (UK) Council and help steer the overall strategy and profile building of the ITS industry working alongside leading government departments, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

Gaist uses digital processes to provide deep insights into roads and the roadscape and has the biggest ever data bank of highly detailed images of highway network to provide customers with intelligence and analysis.  This includes high level asset information, mapping and location identification, surface materials analysis, deterioration modelling and HD site location imagery.

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ITS (UK), Estonia and Finland meet to build relationships

The UK’s trade body for Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS (UK) is opening doors for its members to work with companies from Finland and Estonia.

The organisation took part in a three-way online trade delegation meeting which involved it meeting with transport technology-related companies from the two countries to begin the process of introducing them to potential British partners.

Some 40 companies took part in the event which also included ministerial addresses from the three countries’ governments and a debate.

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MaaS: working group closed, TTS Italia towards the presentation of the Recommendations

With the online meeting of 31 March, the Working Group (WG) launched by TTS Italia and coordinated by 5T on MaaS, launched in January 2020, ended after more than a year: intense teamwork with the aim of analyzing, discussing, and defining the enabling conditions necessary for the development and dissemination of MaaS services in Italy.
Three core teams identified in the WG to come up with guidelines of 5 chapters: introduction to MaaS, MaaS, and business, MaaS and Governance, MaaS and Technology, the regulatory context at European level. And above all, 12 recommendations were drawn up which can be summarized with the following keywords: trust, openness, market, freedom, public governance, sharing, public transport, multimodality, data, interoperability, support for demand, sustainability.
The Group’s work went hand in hand with the institutional one carried out by the Association which, as announced in recent days, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Technical Mission Structure of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility (MIMS) to support the full diffusion of MaaS nationally.
Furthermore, TTS Italia was audited by the Study Commission set up by MIMS to propose interventions aimed at reforming the local public transport sector, on March 17th. The theme of the comparison, precisely the MaaS and the role of the public transport in the MaaS.
The guidelines created within the Working Group will be presented with a public event which, in collaboration with Club Italia and compatibly with DPCM and health situation, in Rome.

TTS Italia welcomes new members!

Following the last online meeting of the TTS Italia Board of Directors, the following joined the Association:
Bridge129 ( the company operating in the areas of access control, traffic monitoring, video surveillance, security systems, offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions by offering various products and services. Bridge129 is part of the TTM Group (TOP TECHNOLOGY MISSION), a financial holding that brings together different business initiatives.

Comark ( a company operating since 1994 and specialized in the development and production of products for monitoring road traffic, parking lots and cycle paths.

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ITS (UK) hails a year of online content provision

The country’s trade body for the Intelligent Transport Systems industry is marking a year of providing online Forum meetings by promising to continue to stream content once the country gets back to face-to-face meetings.

The Young Professionals Forum meeting, the first of its kind to be streamed by ITS (UK) on Zoom, was uploaded to YouTube on 27 April 2020.  A handful of Coronavirus-themed pre-recorded discussion programmes had already been provided to members.

“One of the key services of ITS (UK) is its Forum meetings where we share best practice, lead discussions and network,” explained the society’s Secretary General Jennie Martin.  “When travel was prohibited last year, we quickly changed how we served our members by switching to streamed meetings. Although we haven’t been able to replace the networking aspect of meetings, we have seen some real advantages of having more online participants and being able to record and edit the content so it’s available for posterity.”

ITS (UK) has all its forum meetings edited by a professional videographer who shares his time working for the society with delivering services to ITV.  They are then uploaded to our YouTube page which now also features webinars involving partners across Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Nigeria.

“I’ve been really impressed and proud of the ITS UK team with how they have adjusted and accelerated the delivery of digitally-enabled services to our members during the pandemic, and the feedback has been fantastic” added Chair Ryan Hood of TRL.  “As restrictions ease, we’ll be seeking to lock-in the benefits of this transformation, providing hybrid events that offer the best of both worlds – in person meetings for those who can and want to join them, plus virtual ones which are available live and on-demand.  Congratulations to the team for maintaining a great level of service to all our members.”

ITS (UK) is hoping to resume in-person meetings including its members’ day and annual Presidential dinner and awards in the autumn.  You can view all our media content and YouTube videos for free below:

ITS (UK) YouTube Channel

ITS (UK) launches new education campaign around transport technology

The UK’s Intelligent Transport Systems trade association, ITS (UK) is drawing up a series of case studies, fact sheets and blog posts explaining the benefits of using technology to deliver safer, greener and more efficient mobility.

The campaign follows a series of criticisms of some aspects of technology use, often around smart motorways, which it is feared are beginning to undermine the whole value proposition for ITS, which is the use of computers, communications, positioning and automation technologies to improve the safety, management and efficiency of transport.

“There is no doubt that a road that uses technology to provide greater situational awareness, identify anomalies and optimise traffic flow will be safer and more efficient than a dumb road with no technology”, explained ITS (UK) Chair Ryan Hood of TRL. “Sadly, frequent negative stories in the press have begun to leak into a questioning of all technology, and that is something we as an industry association must counter.”

Hood points out that ITS has contributed hugely to improving transport in the UK.  “Think about better traffic management through the real-time intelligent phasing of traffic lights which minimises congestion and reduces harmful emissions – things we all benefit from. Reliable, fair enforcement using the latest average and fixed traffic cameras help to maintain safe speeds, reducing the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on our roads,” he said.  “Our advanced transport modelling industry makes networks more efficient and therefore more environmentally-friendly.”

Furthermore, he points out, technology advancements don’t stop with infrastructure.  “Inside the vehicle we have advanced driver assistance systems making road users safer,” he explains.  “Real-time traffic information means drivers spend less time in jams because we are routed around them, which is better for the economy, the environment, and our own stress levels.  All these things were done by the ITS Industry. And with new advancements coming online we expect to realise even greater benefits from the deployment of technology.”

ITS solutions are not only valuable in personal driving but across public transport too.  Real-time train, bus and metro information is now relied on by travellers across the UK, while the addition of occupancy data for bus passengers has been invaluable to disabled people during the pandemic.  The Freight Industry benefits with technology such as kerbspace booking systems, sensors on lorries which warn of vulnerable road users and geo-fencing of valuable loads, while as active travel becomes more of a focus, the ITS Industry is rising to the challenge by developing sensors which count, and support the safety of, pedestrians and cyclists.

“I am now in my third decade of working with the inspirational people who provide so many superb technological solutions to deliver improvements to our transport network without the need for environmentally-unfriendly digging up of the countryside,” added Jennie Martin, ITS (UK) Secretary General.  “I know for a fact that the ITS industry makes a positive contribution every day to the lives of everyone in the UK, and it’s up to us to explain that to as many people as possible.”

The first content in the ITS (UK) benefits series will be published in May.

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ITS Norway organises webinar series on C-ITS

SAMS Norway and ITS Norway are setting up a series of technical webinars about upcoming C-ITS technologies and standards. Recordings and presentations for two of them can be found at the links below:

The next webinar in the series is about C-ITS and it’s place in CCAM and will take place on 27th April. You can find more details and register here.

PACTS asks ITS (UK) for approvals feedback

The UK’s enforcement technology industry is being urged to give feedback on aspects of legislation and approvals that it feels could be improved.

At a meeting of the ITS (UK) Enforcement Forum, David Davies, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety suggested that there may be shortcomings in the Home Office Type Approval process.  “While it ensures high standards and evidence that will stand up in court, we are increasingly concerned that the system is just not delivering,” he said.  “Opportunities to exploit new technologies which do deliver significant safety benefits are being missed and even existing systems are at risk. We are not the experts on this – we need information from people who are directly involved, about what’s going on, problems arising or solutions – so please let us know.”

The Forum meeting, sponsored by PACTS, also discussed the National ANPR Service and ensuring data quality, and received a positive update about Highways England’s 60mph Roadworks Trial.

Delegates also discussed where more technology could be used in the enforcement industry, and whether machine learning could be used to identify serial offenders who break the speed limit and target them over people who have been caught out once just breaking the limit.  There was also a suggestion that artificial intelligence technology used to understand driver behaviour in autonomous vehicle development could be used to spot drunk or drugged drivers on the road, with camera or radar technology identifying dangerous driving patterns.

“Our Enforcement Meetings always deliver something that helps our industry move forward,” commented Forum Chair Geoff Collins, the Deputy Managing Director of ANPR solutions provider Jenoptik.  “The invitation for us to give feedback on improving the rigorous Home Office Type Approval process is welcome – I think the whole industry supports the concepts but thinks aspects could be done better and now we can give our views without anyone thinking we’re simply complaining.”

“Once again, when someone in a key position in authority needs feedback, they come to ITS (UK) to gather it,” added Secretary General Jennie Martin.  “Everybody knows that a combined voice is far more powerful than several individual ones, and ITS (UK) is that combined voice.  I look forward to working with our Forum members to give constructive feedback to PACTS as requested.”

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