ERTICO CEO hails micromobility development ahead of London event

The CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe says the organisation is taking an active role in the development of micromobility as part of the diverse mobility mix to ensure their safe and efficient use across the continent.

Speaking ahead of a major “Focus On” Partnership event on the subject in London tomorrow, Thursday 7 December, Joost Vantomme explained that ERTICO is using its experience and expertise in innovation through technology, standards and regulation to help manage and promote the uptake ofnew transport modes. ERTICO is organising this event in close collaboration with the UK’s Transport Technology Forum with whom it signed an engagement plan at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon, May 2023.

“We don’t yet have an official definition of all these kinds of vehicles – ebikes, escooters, speed pedelecs, cargo bikes, tandems, velomobiles and their docking stations – it’s all very much market driven,” he said.  “Maybe that’s good for pioneering new things, not stigmatising too much through regulation, but there’s a call more and more for increased oversight from authorities.

“I will, in my speech, highlight the technology and regulatory elements to cook the meal the basic goal of safety, sustainability, and getting people towards diverse mobility modes.”

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