3rd International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit (SUMMITS’22)

ITS Turkey, established in 2016 to coordinate studies in Turkey in the field of ITS within the scope of the National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and Action Plan (2014-2016) prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The association aims to develop and expand intelligent transport systems in a way that contributes to a safe, comfortable, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical transport system, considering the public interest. It carries out activities that will contribute to the formation of a sector with high added value for Turkey.

ITS Turkey, with its 57 members, carries out its activities with the aim of being a pioneer and supportive in order to ensure the spread of innovative ITS solutions in Turkey and to produce them with domestic technology. It monitors the research, development and implementation of intelligent transport technologies to ensure safe transportation, improve mobility, support sustainability and increase efficiency and productivity. The members of ITS Turkey are involved in all aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems research, planning, development, implementation and expansion.

In this context, three international ITS summits were organized by ITS Turkey. The last of these summits, “3rd The International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit (SUMMITS’22)” was organized by ITS Turkey in Ankara on March 9-10, 2022 with the theme of “Shaping the Future of Transportation”. Mr. Adil KARAİSMAİLOĞLU, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, and many high-level local and foreign senior officials attended the summit.

Delivering a speech at the opening of the SUMMITS’22 3rd International ITS Summit, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil KARAİSMAİLOĞLU said that Intelligent Transportation Systems is a large structure that develops with the interaction of sectors such as education, health, industry, energy, construction, IT software, communication and automotive. He also emphasized the importance of bringing Turkey together with innovations beyond the age, by closely following the global developments in the fields of transportation and communication. He stated that they continue to work with the mission of establishing an efficient, safe, effective, innovative, dynamic, environmentalist, value-added and sustainable intelligent transport network that integrates all transport modes in the field of ITS, uses up-to-date technologies, and makes use of domestic and national resources.

At the summit, which is Turkey’s international event in the field of ITS, international ITS officials, representatives and industry leaders, supported by many public and private sector institutions, especially the officials of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, took part as speakers.

Within the scope of the organization, prominent projects in the field of ITS in Turkey were exhibited, start-ups and industry experts came together, and successful ITS projects were awarded. ITS trainings were given in cooperation with ERTICO-ITS Europe and many sessions were held on different subjects in the field of ITS. Membership certificates were presented to new members who joined the ITS Turkey family.

Within the scope of the summit, ITS trainings were provided on the following subjects: Traffic Management; Mobility as a Service; and Connected, Cooperative and Autonomous Mobility on March 8 in cooperation with ERTICO-ITS Europe. A training certificate ceremony was held at the summit and certificates were presented to the participants, by ERTICO CEO Mr. Joost VANTOMME and by our trainers Dr. Johanna TZANIDAKI and Ms. Itır COŞKUN.

The summit, to which many national and international speakers and companies showed interest, contributed to the cooperation of Turkey’s ITS ecosystem and raised awareness of current developments and innovations in the field of ITS by providing information exchange.

More information regarding summit can be accessed via https://www.auszirvesi.org/en/home-en/